BREAKING NEWS: Alicia Fox to replace Alexa Bliss at Evolution

In a huge blow to an already underwhelming Evolution card, Alexa Bliss has been replaced by Alicia Fox due to injury. Strangely the WWE is still calling the match “past vs. present”. Hopefully Alexa will be back soon, and it’s certainly unfortunate for her to miss this event.

Mae Young Classic Semifinals Review, 10/24


Though Storm has been one of my favorite new wrestlers, I’ve been unimpressed by her performance in this tournament so far. This match starts out boringly as well until Storm lands a vicious kick to Satomura’s chest. I’d like to see her really get rolling, and same with Satomura, because this match has the potential to be amazing.

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205 Live Review, 10/24

It’s the 100th episode of 205 Live!

They do a great job of recapping how Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami have reached this point in their feud, why they are feuding in the first place, and each man’s mindset throughout. It’s excellent storytelling, and is so much better than “we’re going to have these two guys wrestle because they’re both here.” You hear both men’s reasons and motives, get emotionally involved, and pick a side. Textbook stuff.
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